Great Advice on Building a Career

Each module focuses in detail on one topic. We talk in-depth, one-to-one with world-class experts and get their insights, strategies and tactics for success.

A wealth of resources, accessible any time

Each webinar is backed up with full pack of resources, including worksheets and further reading. Users can watch the webinars and access all resources on demand, at a time that suits them, on any device.

Tailored to your institution

We tailor the pack to your institution’s needs, however big or small. You can embed the resources on your site, or have them on a white label site that we create and customise with your branding. We’ll also provide all the reporting and data you need to keep track of how your sign-ups are using the resources.

Find out more

You can find more details about AlumniExtra in our launch brochure:
About Alumni Extra (pdf, 2.7mb)

You can find details of our 2020 Lockdown offer here.



Institutions who use AlumiExtra include: